Innovation competition

In Belgium, craftsmanship and innovation are taught at school. Belgian butchery schools not only teach youngsters the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge but also focus strongly on innovation. They do this by developing their proprietary charcuterie and participating in competitions.

Innovative chicken breast with a huge quantity of vegetables on a healthy-sandwich-rich in fibres, that’s the combination which won the last annual innovation competition organised by FEVIA, the Federation of the Belgian Food Industry. It was prepared by the pupils of the Ter Groene Poorte Butcher School at Bruges, and it wasn’t the first time that the school’s pupils scooped up this famous prize. For every competition, pupils need to develop a product, taking into account current food trends and customer’s requirements, which they then support with a business and marketing plan. That way they learn how to develop new products in practice and to think outside the box. They will become the innovative entrepreneurs of the future who will lead the way in developing the range of Belgian charcuterie products.